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Welcome to Headmaster Engine Reconditioners Ltd
Wellington's Leading Engine Machining Specialist
About Us

Headmaster Engine Reconditioners was formed in 1994 when two competitors
(Headmaster Ltd and Motor Rebores Ltd) merged to provide a more comprehensive and
complementory range of services to the Wellington motor trade and public. Headmaster
had previously acquired the business of Engine Reconditioners Ltd and since that time
Headmaster has completed over 53,000 job orders ranging anywhere from simple
head-resurfacing operations to total engine restorations. In 2006 we aquired Russell
Clarke's engine balancing service and continue to offer dynamic balancing of rotating
components to Wellington retail and trade customers.


* Engine Reconditioning and Machining
* Dynamic Balancing Crankshafts, Flywheels, Clutches, Dampers and Pulleys
* Forged Internals Balanced Installed and Set Up

* Cylinder Head Reconditioning
* Crack Testing and Pressure Testing
and Pressure Testing
* Cylinder Boring, Honing and Sleeving
* Crankshaft Grinding

* Cylinder Head Porting and CC'ing
* Multi-Angle Valve Seat Cutting
* Bronze Valve Guide and Guide Liner Installation
 * Head Resurfacing
* Manifold Machining
* Wear-Resistant Valve Seat Installation
* Con-rod Machining, and Rod Bolt Installation
* Engine Restoration
* Engine Parts including High-Performance and Hard-to-Find
* EFTPOS and Credit Card

PHONE: (04) 385 8949
FAX: (04) 384 6800
6 King St, Mt Cook, Wellington 6021

HomeOur ServicesClassic CarsHigh PerformanceFind UsPhoto GalleryAbout UsLinks